St. Jude Car Donation Reviews

When you want to make your garage more spacious and get rid of the old car that you don't use, the best way out is to donate it. It's much easier than you have to sell it yourself. St. Jude car donation through a children's research hospital for cancer sufferers can be the right choice. St. Jude has collaborated with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services) where they gladly accept vehicle donations and make a hope to help the children there. Funds used for charity from donors are used to find cancer drugs that are known to require a lot of money and you will also get benefits for tax deductions.

Why You Should Donate Your Car To St. Jude?

Maybe now you have retired from driving and don't want to spend a lot of money on car repairs. You have good intentions for humanity when helping children fight against cancer and you also deserve to get a tax write-off.

St. Jude car donation reviews

How is St. Jude Using Funds from Donors?

You have taken the right step when you want to know about how non-profit organizations use the donation funds they get. St. Jude gets charity from generous philanthropists out there. This charity has received contributions from the community where around seventy-five percent of the total funds are used for charitable humanitarian costs programs. The value of donations received will be very helpful for ongoing research and development of cancer treatment in children. Not only that, but they also used the funds to seek healing for various serious life-threatening diseases that are difficult to handle.

St. Jude Objective

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, St. Jude has been carrying a humanitarian mission long enough, until now, they have been helping children for more than 55 years. They have provided pediatric research and treatment programs, especially in children with catastrophic cases, leukemia and other dangerous types of cancer.

Therefore, the daily expenses that must be borne by this hospital are very high. No less than two point four million dollars must be spent on operational costs. While all patients treated here are not charged at all. The main objective of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is providing ongoing care and research as well as finding new breakthroughs for the treatment of children with cancer.


The organization for fundraising was carried out by ALSAC (The American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities). They have a role to accumulate funds for the continued operation, maintenance and mission of St. Jude. In America, ALSAC has become the largest healthcare charity. As the founder, Danny Thomas stated that this treatment center is for anyone. No differences resulting rejection. There is no racist influence or family finances to be accepted here.


To move and donate your car to St. Jude is the right action. You can help children who suffer from cancer and participate to give them hope and happiness. On the other hand, you will also get a tax deduction for your contribution.