Is Wheels For Wishes Legit?

Many people do research carefully before donating their cars to a charity. They do that because they are worried if it is a scam or not legit. Well, this time we will discuss Wheels for Wishes as a charity program from the Car Donation Foundation, where you can get a tax deduction because it is 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organizations.

is wheels for wishes legit

Some main things that make donors feel disappointed with the charity they choose are:

  • Don't have free towing and pickup
  • Don't work around the agreed schedule
  • There is no local contact number
  • The process of sending 1098-c tax form's tax deductible is very long

Wheels For Wishes Reviews

This charity has excellent rating reviews on Trustpilot of over 3000 respondents and makes it the highest compared to other national charities. The sum of rating percentages in the Excellent and Great category reached 93 percent. Very good reviews from the donors occur because they feel fast and easy service, trust, transparency when they donate cars, meanwhile, they provide support with significant contributions.

Since Wheels For Wishes is registered as non-profit IRS charity, they provide you a hundred percent of tax-deductible receipt immediately after you build a contribution with your car.  They also give free professional towing plus pick up in support of your contribution. Another thing is as they commit to giving 5-star service to donors then the overall process is will be handy for you.

car donation foundation IRS tax deductible tax exempt organization

We think this is most significant because Wheels For Wishes is reliable with the earnings obtained from your used vehicle contributions. They are happy to work and to benefit Make-A-Wish, in this case, your bighearted donations are a big help to create others better life dreams go for real, intended for kids facing serious illnesses. You make them smile. This charity has helped many people who need it nationally. No less than fifty-four million dollars has been donated to help more than six thousand wishes since 2010. This is amazing.

You can donate a vehicle in any condition, whether it's still running or not. They also won't waste your time when selling vehicles.

Donating your vehicle to Wheels For Wishes will give you numerous benefits mutually for donor along with the local kids supported by Make-A-Wish programs of all the country. They come to you kindly, do comfortable pick up and free towing. All the steps are quick and trouble-free. You’ll get a 100% tax-deductible receipt. The most important is your contribution give huge benefits Make-A-Wish, therefore kids with serious illnesses will have passion and you make their dreams come true.


Wheels For Wishes is a legit charity where you can donate your car with confidence to help local children and also get tax deductions. Your actions are very meaningful to humanity because in social life everyone will need each other. So your life will be more meaningful if you can give something that is useful to others around you.