Donate Car Lexington KY Through Habitat For Humanity

Finding a place to donate a car in Lexington KY is not difficult to do. You can choose Habitat for Humanity. Through this charity organization, you can help families who need the construction and rehabilitation of houses. So they have a better life and can get a decent place to live. When you feel confused to make your garage more spacious because of an old car, you can consider taking it off. Not only that, but this charity can also receive donations in form of various vehicles such as RV, truck, trailer, even boats. Your donation is very useful to provide support for affordable housing development in Lexington.
Donate car Lexington KY

Charitable organizations have a local mission to eradicate shabby housing that is not feasible to live in. The organization also has the aim of reducing or eliminating poverty and homelessness in Lexington by giving them better welfare. The good side is that you also don't need to bother looking for buyers for your car. Especially if the car has unfavorable conditions and it seems difficult to find buyers who want to bid at a good price. A charity organization can help you find the right buyer and you don't need to spend a lot of time and effort on that matter. You will contribute to helping volunteers in the Kentucky area to build houses by partnering with families who need help.

Donating a car in Lexington can be done quickly and easily. It doesn't matter whether your vehicle is running or not, you can still contribute. If you are an individual who meets the requirements to get a tax deduction then you will also get benefits. If you are in doubt, please contact a tax advisor or visit the IRS website to see the details. You will be given more space in the driveway you after you donate your vehicle.

Since 2005, the amount of contributions deducted is straightly related to the selling value of your car. This rule is imposed by the IRS because previously there was the excessive deduction. This happens based on the inflated book value. But actually, the value of the book becomes less reliable as the age of the cars.

The IRS requires charities to provide receipts for donors within thirty days of successful vehicle sales. If the selling price is more than 500 USD, then you must include information in the form of VIN information, as well as year, factory, and model. In the receipt, there must also be informed if car sales are carried out between unrelated parties. They also need to state that no goods or services are provided related to the charitable contributions that you make.

Most donors feel happy after they decide to donate their clunkers. Especially because the process is easy and simple. Plus if they are eligible for tax deductions. Habitat is a non-profit based organization. You simply donate online and send the available form. This is quite easy because you just follow the simple instructions they provide. In just a few days you can see your car is picked up. They are very transparent in using the funds they get from selling your car. The funds raised will be used for noble purposes, helping to build houses for those who do not have. You may not realize it, but the car that you think is useless junk still has many benefits to help others.