Car Donation Santa Clara County: Tax Deduction and Free Towing

At this time, you may have a noble intention to plan to donate your car to a charity in Santa Clara. But, you're still confused, where will you give it? On the other hand, you also want to get a maximum tax deduction. There are several charities that you can choose, here we recommend one of the best. Through this organization, you can help many children in need.

Donate Cars Through Make-A-Wish

Next, we will give a review of why you can make this organization the right choice.

You Can Donate Various Types of Vehicles

Even if your vehicle is not running or even if it fails in the emissions testing phase, you can still donate it. Other types of vehicles are big or small trucks, motorbikes, boats, kind of trailers, SUV, vans, jet skis, and snowmobiles. But you not allowed to donate an abandoned vehicle without clear information. So, to be accepted, the vehicle must be first recorded by the local police or you can find information if the vehicle can be picked up by the local junkyard.

After that, they will assess the price of your car and make the best way to be sold at the maximum price. The sales proceeds will be useful for charitable programs. In addition, you will also get benefits because you get proof of tax deduction receipt in accordance with the amount of the car sold. You do not need to worry about the cost of the towing fee because the process is done without the cost of a penny or free.

This charity can provide services throughout fifty states. If someone has died, can the car be donated? Yes, you can do that as long as you have a copy of the original death certificate and there is a document stating that you play a role as the official heir of any car belongs to the deceased.

Get Tax Deduction

To get a tax deduction, you must donate your car to a non-profit organization classified in 501 (c) (3). If you are still in doubt, you can check it with an accountant or tax advisor to determine the number of benefits you can get.

You can claim tax deductions if your vehicle is worth up to $500. You can determine fair market value. Or when they sell your vehicle at a price higher than $500. But there are things you need to pay attention to. Tax deductions will only have value if you provide details of deductions. You can see the Donors Guide to Car Donation from the IRS as a guide that you can follow.

They have an experienced team of experts to evaluate each vehicle and how to get the highest selling price. Many factors become considerations. Among others are:
  • local market condition
  • mileage
  • model
  • manufacturer
  • year of production
For the sake of mutual interest, they will try to sell your vehicle at the maximum price.

Car Pickup

When it comes time to pick up the car you don't have to be at home. You might be busy with your work. So you can take all the items from the car and put the keys and titles in the car drawer. You will get a temporary receipt from the towing service right away. This receipt contains all the information about your car and also the contact of a charity. The process is quite easy, you just tell them that your car has been picked up. Then they will send receipts for tax deductions and hotel vouchers.

Usually, the time for picking up the car is not long. They will arrange pick-up time according to needs. The local towing company will contact the charity to provide a vehicle picking schedule within 24 hours after you contact them. Pick-up scheduling is usually done in the next one to two days. But the schedule is actually quite flexible. If you want the process of picking up a vehicle faster then they will do their best for accommodation arrangements.

This charity organization has worked with licensed towing agents. The towing companies are insured throughout the U.S and bonded. They are professionals who pick up car donations. They can also take a car even if the car is not in your house. They can pick up your car from anywhere according to your wishes. Whether it's in the workshop, on the side of the road, even in other states.

Car Plate Number 

You must remove and return the plate number to DMV. This means that you also hand over responsibility to them. This process is also known as the Report of Sale in several other cities such as Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, and Texas. Even if you don't have a title, you can still donate your car. Charities only require registered owners to sign several documents for them.